Al-Azizia conference of Libyan tribes and cities releases 15 points road map for Future Libya
Published On May 25, 2014 » 1647 Views» Features, Libya, Society, Top Stories, World News

Nullifying GNC, release all prisoners, and return of displaced and exiled Libyans to their homes.

These were some of the main points of the final communicate from Conference of Libya Tribes and Cities held in the city of Al-Azizia on Sunday May 25, 2014.  The final communicate is intended as a road map for the future of Libya and a gesture for national reconciliation.


There were more than 10000 attendees including representative from 2000 Libyan tribes representing the voice of country.  Foreign dignitaries including ambassadors and diplomats also attended the gathering.

The final communicate did not address how will the road map be implemented.  The current government and its General National Congress (GNC) has yet to response to the proposal.

The effort to reconcile is seen to be the last resort to rescue the country from descending into a chaos and full fledged civil war.  Both sides have made make some compromises in order to propel the country from its stagnate quagmire and create a new beginning

Al-Azizia, Libya (Sunday May 25, 2014):

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